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Kookon Smart Storage – a lessor of warehouse space that uses innovative solutions

22.11.2021 | Cleveron, Cleveron 351, Kookon Smart Storages
Kookon Smart Store offers warehouse space for rent that tenants can control remotely. While renting warehouse space may otherwise seem like a relatively simple service, Kookon has taken it to a whole new level. What does an intelligent warehouse mean, and how does a parcel locker be used in a company? Continue to read to learn how Kookon does it.

Advanced smart store
Kookon currently has six locations and more than 165 tenants. The customers are mainly progressive companies, which includes both big players and start-ups. In addition to businesses, some tenants simply store seasonal things in Kookon, such as a boat or motorcycle. The idea for the Kookon concept began with the personal need of the founders. "We felt shortage in warehouse space that would offer modern conditions – from a web application protected with cyber security solutions to energy-efficient construction solutions," said Rait Minumets, Kookon's founder. "Customers also quickly adopted our innovative concept; we didn’t have t convince no one of its necessity. After all, they also felt the need for such service. Now we see that businesses that value well-thought-out IT solutions are Kookon’s main customers. This again gives us the enthusiasm to experiment and develop.”

Kookon warehouses are entirely remotely controlled – everything goes through the app. "Our customer always has a real-time video image of what is happening around their warehouse. Or, if someone wants to leave the package in the warehouse, it can be solved with a few finger strokes, so the customer does not have to go to the warehouse. The increase in the quality of life through such a service is insane,” explained Minumets. We have placed a lot of emphasis on the user-friendliness of both the application and the entire service to form one well-thought-out whole.

Comprehensive service
Kookon’s tenants use a well-secured mobile app, and if something happens, there is Protection Compensation. “As most of Kookon's tenants do business there, it is vital that their business is protected from anything that may cause harm,” said Minumets. In addition, there is a Cleveron 351 parcel locker which Kookon has named Pick Up Station. Kookon installed a parcel machine to make customers business administration even more effortless. “The idea is that customers can leave their packages there or ask others to do so without seeing anyone or putting them in their warehouse. Of course, everything works through Kookon's mobile app, like our other services,” Minumets described how their customers could use the locker. “We launched the lockers a little over a year ago, but we already see great potential in them. At the moment, we only have Pick Up Station in Ülemiste Kookon, but we want to expand this service. To make it even more convenient and integrated with our other solutions.”

The Cleveron 351 parcel machine is the company’s always open service – from the outdoor solution, customers receive the goods quickly and at a time that suits them. The parcel machine is suitable for both small and larger enterprises. The parcel locker is delivered pre-assembled so that it can be installed and commissioned quickly and easily. As the needs of the company grow, it is possible to add more modules. The locker helps to create a convenient and comprehensive service for the company.

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