Cleveron 302

Automated parcel locker system as the last-mile delivery solution in retail and logistics sectors. Suitable for handling 20–100 parcels per day.

Cleveron 302 has been designed with e-commerce firmly in mind, from parcel delivery and collection to returns. Cleveron 302 is a parcel locker solution with modular column design and low maintenance cost. With improved ergonomics and patented drawer slots for small parcels and letters, Cleveron 302 parcel locker allows maximized capacity per square meter.

Cleveron 302
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Why the 302?

Parcel pick up and delivery is the heart of the omnichannel experience when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores growing their online presence. It’s never been more important to organize online orders quickly and efficiently for pickup, and the 302 electronic parcel lockers make this as simple as it should be. 

The 302 makes package delivery straightforward and secure. Rather than having to program several manual steps into the process of package delivery, the 302 helps you streamline everything to alert customers quickly when their orders are ready for pick up. Customers can then get their goods from the parcel pick up lockers located at a convenient place inside of your store.

Cleveron 302’s automated parcel lockers can adapt to the needs of your business. You can choose from drawer solutions for XS-sized parcels and user-friendly software that makes package lockers quick and easy for customers to use. You’ll also be able to scale to the needs of your location with the 302’s modular design and tailored layouts for different locker sizes and modules. Even after your purchase, you can have your modules replaced, rearranged or added on. 

Few commodities are more valuable than your time and the time of your customers. Parcel delivery lockers help save that time by delivering an efficient end-user experience for your e-commerce and omnichannel strategies. Once you’ve installed the 302, you’ll also have our support through remote monitoring and on-site maintenance to keep your parcel lockers running smoothly and securely.


Finnish Post – Posti Group's last-mile solution in Finland

Posti Group Corporation (the former Finnish post) is a postal and logistics company operating a parcel locker network in Finland. Posti offers parcel lockers as the last mile solution, as alternative delivery points to traditional post offices. Currently, Posti operates a network of 500 Cleveron 302 parcel terminals in Finland.

Read the case study

How does it work?

1. The courier logs in and inserts the parcels

3. The end-user inserts or scans the pickup code

2. The end-user gets notified and receives the pickup code

4. The locker's door opens automatically and the end-user collects the parcel

Benefits of the Cleveron 302

  • We provide a full life-cycle solution – hardware, software and support services
  • Low maintenance costs due to remote technical monitoring and indoor usage
  • Very dependable locker solution – one of the most critical parts of the parcel locker hardware are locks. We have improved our lock design to last more than 50 000 openings

  • Patented drawers for small parcels and letters to minimize the total cost of ownership
  • Modular column design for suitable configuration
  • Up to 55 parcels per m2
  • ADA compliance (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design and EU Standard EN 301549)


Enjoyable customer experience

The automated and optimized parcel handling and delivery processes save time both for the staff and for the end-user, making the customer experience enjoyable.

Bloomsburg University in the USA uses Cleveron 302 as the campus mailroom solution and is pleased with the results. 

Support and maintenance

Cleveron is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for our Cleveron 302 parcel locker solution worldwide.


  • Hardware installation
  • Software integration
  • Training

Technical support

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site maintenance 
  • Spare parts 
  • Warranty

System enhancement

  • Business intelligence data
  • Research & development

Remote monitoring

Our support includes remote technical monitoring service to optimize system's performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables to detect and solve 80% of hardware and software related issues from a distance. It means fast problem-solving and low maintenance costs.

On-site maintenance

Our support also includes worldwide on-site maintenance. On-site maintenance is carried out by our certified partner at the client's destination country. Cleveron provides continuous training and certification of service technicians, as well as spare parts management and logistics.


Technical info

Includes slots
CC06 + 
B15.05 L

Inner dimensions (mm)

SizeHWDMax load (kg)
XS (drawer)45 x 360 x 530
S120 x 360 x 62031,5
M200 x 360 x 62031,5
L380 x 360 x 62031,5
XL600 x 360 x 62031,5
parcel locker moodulid cleverbox block

Cleveron 302’s modular column system allows you to choose a suitable drawer/door configuration layout.

The locker sizes and placement can be easily changed in working systems by replacing or adding modules with different configurations. 



Cleveron 302 is operated by Cleveron S2 software. S2 is a cloud-based software, easily integrated with any backend system by Public API protocol.

Contact for software demonstration

Cleveron 302 parcel lockers are in more than 800 locations in Europe and in the USA

Case studies

Finland’s Posti Group parcel locker network with Cleveron 302 parcel lockers

View the case study

SmartPOST’s last mile delivery solution with Cleveron 302 parcel lockers was named the Most Positive Consumer Experience in Estonia in 2017

View the case study

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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