Itella SmartPOST´ s last mile solution in Estonia



Itella SmartPOST is a logistics company that operates a large parcel locker network in Estonia. SmartPOST offers Cleveron 302 parcel lockers as alternative last mile delivery points to traditional post offices.

From selling furniture to creating intelligent locker network

SmartPOST was established in 2007, when a leading online furniture retailer ON24 discovered a need for an alternative delivery option to national postal service. Available delivery options were too slow, inconvenient for the customers and did not offer the flexibility that ON24 needed. So they decided to create their own logistics company and in 2009 established their own intelligent parcel locker network.

By the year 2010 SmartPost had gained 20% of consumer parcel delivery market share in Estonia. In 2010, SmartPOST was acquired by Posti Group Corporation (Finnish post) which expanded the network to Finland and operates the network of parcel lockers in and between two countries to this day.

SmartPOST’s last-mile delivery solution with Cleveron 302 parcel lockers was named the Most Positive Consumer Experience in Estonia in 2017


Indoor parcel network for optimum convenience

SmartPost parcel network terminals are located indoors, inside shopping centres, to make sure that using the terminals would be as comfortable as possible.

The customer can choose the terminal closest to them and usually, it will be on their way to work or when they go to do some everyday shopping.

Considering the fickle Estonian weather with extreme cold and heat, the terminals and its contents are protected when positioned indoors. Also, the customer does not have to stand in the rain or in the cold to get their parcel.

Number of terminals
15 780
Number of doors
Annual growth on parcel volume

SmartPOST's solution with Cleveron 302

  • Offers parcel collections and returns
  • Maximised capacity with unique XS-drawers
  • Modular column configuration offers flexible size selection
  • Stores up to 55 parcels per m2


SmartPOST uses Cleveron 302 solution with a card payment terminal. Cleveron 302 is modular and a custom terminal is built depending on the characteristics of a location


SmartPOST has a custom-made software solution with options of sending B2C and C2C parcels and making returns


Cleveron offers remote technical monitoring as well as on-site and remote maintenance 

Cleveron’s high quality design mixed with deep understanding of e-commerce delivery is the basis of our rapid success.

Risto Eelmaa
Managing Director, Itella SmartPOST

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