Self-service kiosk concept

24/7 self-service store and parcel pickup kiosk

Cleveron's self-service kiosk concept enables retailers to sell goods without needing a customer associate to be present. The end-user can communicate to an associate, located in another office or city, via video chat. To make a purchase, the end-user can choose a suitable product using the touch screen, pay for it and receive it from a parcel robot located behind the touch screen. The self-service store concept is suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Self-service kiosk concept
Cleveron 354 Cleveron S2
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Pilot projects in cooperation with Telia

Telia, a telecommunication company in the Nordics and Baltics, in cooperation with Estonian technology company Cleveron opened the first self-service office on May 17th 2021, in Tartu. The goal of self-service offices is to have them in places where Telia does not have an office today but where customers still want to replace their appliances, purchase new ones or conveniently receive ordered goods.

Indoor solution

Telia opened a unique solution on a global scale at Lõunakeskus shopping mall in May 2021. Cleveron’s innovative parcel robot with a large customer service screen is at the heart of this solution. The customer who enters the self-service store can contact Telia’s call centre consultant using the large touch screen. The pre-filled parcel robot provides the opportunity to pick up digital TV tuners, routers, SIM cards, and telephones. 

Outdoor solution

In December 2021, Telia opens its first outdoor self-service kiosk in Rapla, Estonia. Like the indoor solution, it is also possible to communicate with a customer consultant via video in an outdoor smart office and deliver the goods using a parcel robot. The outdoor solution also has air conditioning, ensuring room temperature in the smart self-service store. Both indoor and outdoor solutions are wheelchair accessible and easy to use for the hearing impaired.

"We have long been looking for an opportunity to sustainably restore our presence in smaller towns across Estonia. From the community standpoint, the network of regional service points is of utmost importance, nevertheless, the solutions used up until this day have not been commercially sustainable. At the same time, as an Estonian company, we have the desire to contribute to the development of society. We see that this innovative solution will help us improve the regional availability of services and support while increasing people's skills in using digital solutions. Self-service representations are our way of solving structural concerns in an innovative and sustainable way.”

Katre Liiberg
Head of Estonian Sales and Customer Service at Telia

What are the benefits of Cleveron's self-service kiosk?

Option to quickly expand your business

The self-service kiosk allows retailers to quickly widen their footprint to other cities without having to bring on more employees. 

Reduced labor costs

Cleveron's self-service kiosk eliminates the need to have a customer associate present at the store. Instead, all communication can be done remotely via video chat. 

Reduced fixed costs

The self-service kiosk requires less floor space than a regular store because the goods are placed into a parcel robot, which ensures maximum parcel density per square foot. The kiosk also eliminates the need for a large service area and display cabinets as all products are displayed on the touch screens. This results in smaller rent and utility fees. 


The kiosk enables to sell goods at any time, at night time or during holidays. This gives the customer unlimited 24/7 access to the retailer's services, offering end-users more flexibility.


The end-user doesn’t have to wait in line to talk to a customer service representative to pick up their items. This makes the customer journey faster and more enjoyable. Additionally, the self-service store offers a 100% human contact-free shopping experience, which is vital in today's circumstances.


The exterior of the smart store can be used as additional advertising space. The solution stands out in the city space and inside the shopping centre.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

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