Cleveron S2

Cleveron S2 is an easily integratable software platform used to operate and manage all Cleveron products. 

Cleveron S2 enables Cleveron’s customers to exchange information between parcel terminals and the client’s existing IT systems. S2 has a fast, intuitive and adjustable user interface for store employees, couriers, maintenance technicians and end-users.

Cleveron S2
Self-service kiosk concept Cleveron 301 Plus
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What is Cleveron S2?

Cleveron S2 is an integral part of all Cleveron parcel terminals, which enables users to operate the machine. The software platform can be easily adjusted to match the client’s specific needs. 

Cleveron S2 offers multiple user functions, allowing to perform a full range of activities:

  • B2C – receive functionality
  • C2B – return functionality
  • C2C – send functionality
Cleveron does not handle any personal information – the customer drives the end-user communication.


What does Cleveron S2 consist of?


A web application to administrate Cleveron’s APMs, user permissions and user interface of the parcel terminals.

APM User Interface

An intuitive and adjustable user interface for employees, couriers, maintenance technicians and end-users.

S2 Integration API 

Our Integration API allows to easily integrate S2 with the client’s existing IT systems.

Courier app

Courier mobile application to use with the Cleveron 301 Plus smart locker.

The administrative portal CleverOffice

CleverOffice is Cleveron S2’s cloud-based administrative platform used to manage parcel machines remotely.

CleverOffice allows to track work processes, manage users and permissions, parcel machines and view usage statistics. The customer can control its entire network from CleverOffice. They can even change the design of the parcel machine’s user interface.


Benefits of Cleveron S2

Continuous development

We develop new business functionalities and schedule regular software updates to make the platform even more effective, fast and easy to use. We work closely with our clients to create functionalities that would further increase the profitability of their parcel lockers and robots. 

Quick deployment

The pilot parcel machine can be set up without any developments from the customer’s side, allowing the client to start using their parcel locker or robot as quickly as possible. 

The user interface can be adapted to match the customer’s needs and visual identity.


Cleveron S2 is suitable for smaller and larger parcel machine networks. New parcel robots or APMs can be added as parcel volumes grow. 

Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

The parcel terminals are monitored remotely and any software issues are handled immediately. There is also an interactive Service Desk available in case of any issues.

Easily adjustable software to match the client’s needs

The customer can choose a full integration or a simple pilot software which can be set up immediately. Cleveron S2 has all the necessary functions to combine different systems.

Pilot software for a fast launch

With the pilot software, no developments are needed from the customer. We only need a minimal amount of information for a fast launch – just the induction and retrieval codes of the parcels. The information can be imported to Cleveron S2’s web portal CleverOffice, where customers can manage the entire parcel terminal network (administer users and parcel machines, import, and export parcel data, etc.).

Full integration

With full integration, the owner of the parcel machine network integrates their system with Cleveron S2 via integration API, which will enable the exchange of parcel data. The administrative platform can be Cleveron S2’s CleverOffice, or the client can use their existing system.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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