Cleveron 354

An outdoor battery-powered parcel locker for automated last-mile network’s sustainable expansion

Cleveron 354 is a battery-powered parcel locker that is easily scalable to expand the fully automated delivery locations network. Helping to reduce transportation costs and optimise last-mile delivery efficiency. Cleveron 354 has 12, 16, 20 & 24-slot modules with different slot sizes and amounts to meet business needs. The locker acts as a self-service, is 24/7 accessible and hands out orders within seconds, thus creating a superb experience for the end user.

Cleveron 354
Cleveron 502 Self-service kiosk concept
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Unleash your locker network with the battery-powered Cleveron 354


What is it?

Cleveron 354 is an outdoor parcel locker that ensures the sweetest delivery locations for your business thanks to its battery power. The locker gives companies the freedom to reach closer to end-users within a walking radius for faster and more convenient delivery. Easily scalable technology allows monitoring events near real-time thus making it a strong and reliable automated partner in vigorous expansion.

Our projections show that within a decade, 80% of last-mile deliveries in Europe will be conducted via parcel lockers, which will emerge as the preferred method among end customers. This approach is not only more cost-effective but also significantly more sustainable. Battery-powered parcel lockers will play a pivotal role in driving this revolution. The solution is offering an intelligent solution for a more sustainable world.

Technical info

Sustainable solution

smaller carbon emission footprint

Replacing grid-connected parcel lockers with Cleveron 354 saves an average of 1.4 tonnes of CO2 per unit within eight years

saved emissions

The transition from home delivery to parcel lockers slashs an average of 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually

full overview

First off-grid parcel locker with 24/7 status overview, enabling optimal capacity planning for couriers and 100% successful parcel entries for end-user-driven services

lower energy consumption

The average grid-connected parcel locker consumes 11W of energy, while a battery-powered parcel locker consumes only 0.006W


Benefits of Cleveron 354

1. Online overview

Locker status is periodically updated at specified intervals over APM network server connections, a unique feature for battery-powered locker solutions in the market. This helps get data about insertion, pickup events and APM battery level. Near real-time monitoring provides information about the statistics in the longer term, supporting optimising the parcel lockers network for maximum efficiency.

2. No need to charge

Each module is equipped with a battery. Each battery lasts up to 8 years without charging and is easily replaceable. Cleveron 354 doesn’t need any physical or grid connection making it a low-maintenance solution.  Thanks to efficient energy management, Cleveron 354 offers the same capabilities as grid-dependent lockers, ensuring an excellent user experience.

3. Easily scalable

Combining different types of units has never been easier. All of Cleveron’s solutions are developed to adapt to parcel volume growth. It means that hardware and software are easily scalable without needing expensive integrations to expand the network.

4. Durable materials

Materials used for locker development are high-quality and withstand any climate. Our outdoor solutions are tested in extreme weather conditions to be resistant in colder and warmer parts of the world. Cleveron 354 bears ambient temperature between -35...+45°C.

5. Flexible mobility

Mobile Cleveron 354 is flexible in optimising the network accordingly to consumers' preferences. Installing and re-locating the battery-powered parcel locker's extra modules is cost-friendly and fast, making it easily adaptable to any circumstances.


How does it work?

Goods can be inserted by using the mobile application for couriers. Orders are created and managed through a self-service platform.
The operator opens the door by phone application and inserts the parcel
The end-user is notified and receives the pickup code
The end-user inserts the pickup code on the PIN pad
The locker door opens and the end user collects the parcel
Locker information and parcel status events are sent to the server at a defined time interval


Technical information

Slot inner dimensions
SizeH (mm)W (mm)D (mm)Max load (kg)
M200400660 31.5
L430400660 31.5
 XL650400 660 31.5


Cleveron 354 is compatible with Cleveron’s Software Solution, an all-in-one platform to manage and operate the locker network. The software is easily scalable, so when order volumes grow, extra modules or even completely new Cleveron solutions can be added without any expensive integrations.

What is Cleveron’s Software?


Layout options

12 slots

16 slots

20 slots

24 slots


Support and maintenance

Cleveron offers full worldwide support. Our after-sale support includes 24/7 monitoring, spare parts, scheduled maintenance and on- and off-site technical support.


  • Hardware installation
  • Software integration
  • Training

Technical support

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Warranty

System enhancement

  • Business performance data
  • Research & development

Remote monitoring

Our support includes a remote technical monitoring service to optimize the system's performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables us to detect and solve 80% of hardware and software-related issues from a distance. That translates to fast problem-solving and low maintenance costs.

On-site maintenance

Our support also includes worldwide on-site maintenance. On-site maintenance is carried out by our certified partner at the client's destination country. Cleveron provides continuous training and certification of service technicians, as well as spare parts management and logistics.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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