Automated Baggage Collection for Passenger Convenience at Europe's Best Airport


Flexible Ground Handling Service

Tallinn Airport GH is a subsidiary of Tallinn Airport AS that offers ground handling services. The subsidiary was founded in order to offer more flexible ground-handling services at Tallinn Airport.

Tallinn Airport GH serves all airlines and all types of aircraft from small private jets to the world’s largest passenger and cargo aircraft. The services cover everything necessary from receiving the aircraft at the airport until its departure.

Indrek Nõlvak, Board Member of AS Tallinn Airport GH, comments on how passengers usually receive their baggage:

“In aviation, everything usually runs like clockwork, but from time to time there are still small glitches, e.g. a passenger's suitcase does not arrive on the same plane. In this case, we will send the passenger's baggage to their home or hotel, or the passenger can pick up the baggage from the airport.”


Automated Baggage Pickup

Automation has become increasingly relevant due to the benefits it offers to companies. Reducing the need for human labour in baggage reclaim helps to lower workforce costs.

Automated systems allow for 24/7 service, which results in faster service and higher customer satisfaction. In addition, the system enables customers to receive real-time notifications to reclaim their baggage via SMS, providing them with greater convenience with minimal workforce intervention.


“Our experience with automated parcel collection so far has been very positive – it takes less time to collect baggage from the locker than from the attendant, because the lockers are in the glass gallery right next to the parking lot, and the passengers do not have to come into the terminal and worry about whether they will be able to reclaim the baggage within the free parking time.

The larger slot can fit even two suitcases at once, so customers with two baggage units can collect those from one slot.”

Indrek Nõlvak
Board Member
AS Tallinn Airport GH

Europe’s Best Airport – Driven by Customer Experience

Tallinn Airport earned the prestigious title of Best Airport 2022 among those serving 2-5 million passengers per year. 

The recognition was given by Amadeus and Airports Council International (ACI) World’s annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards, which recognise airports around the world offering an outstanding customer experience. Tallinn Airport’s decisions are made after careful consideration of how to offer passengers more convenience.

“We felt the need for a solution where the customer could receive their baggage at a convenient time because we are not open 24/7.
As we want to save our customers from standing in a queue, they can grab their left-behind baggage from the parcel locker within seconds.”


How Did They Do It?

Tallinn Airport GH uses Cleveron 351 which fits baggage. Cleveron’s lockers are capable of growing with the company and its needs – modules can be added to service more customers when demand grows.

The parcel locker offers in the airport:

  • 24/7 automated service where passengers can pick up the baggage at a suitable time around the clock

  • Contact-free delivery to hand over baggage without the need for employee presence

  • A convenient self-service system that can be easily managed through the software platform


Fast & Convenient Service = Satisfied Customer

“From a workflow point of view, the new service has brought one more system to us, but it is easy to learn and the end result outweighs it – a happy customer. Local residents are familiar with the use of parcel machines, as most of the ordered parcels are collected through parcel units in Estonia, and everything works quickly and conveniently.”

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