CollectNet – a shared parcel delivery software platform


What is it?

From 2016 to 2021, Cleveron’s CollectNet parcel terminals operated as an open network in Estonia, partnering with DPD and DHL. The C2C segment also used the CollectNet open network to send customer-to-customer parcels.

CollectNet is a software platform that integrates parcel terminals to shared and non-shared networks. This enables CollectNet to provide parcel delivery management service for parcel terminal owners, logistics operators and end-users.

The software provides access to the platform via mobile application and online self-service online environment. The network users have a 24/7 overview of their parcels and parcel terminals with an option to send pick-up notifications, do inventory and view parcel history.

Benefits of CollectNet

Using a software platform that helps to manage parcel delivery simplifies daily operations for all participants, from the omnichannel retailers to transport service providers and, most importantly, for the end-user.

In-store online order delivery for retailers

A retailer with the “buy online pick up in store” strategy can purchase a smart locker which enables the retailer to optimize the in-store delivery process and makes the pickup more convenient for the customer.

After the locker is installed, the retailer can make a user account on the CollectNet platform, add the parcel locker ID to the locker in their account and the machine will be fully functional quickly and with minimal effort. When a parcel is inserted into the locker, CollectNet shares the order code with the customer who can then come and collect the parcel. The retailer also has the possibility to share the smart locker with the network or not. Sharing smart lockers with partners enables the retailer to profit on the empty space in the locker.

A cost-saving solution for logistics service providers

Logistics providers usually set-up their parcel locker networks because it is the most efficient last mile delivery option today. This requires significant investments and sometimes setting up the parcel locker even right next to the competitor’s. A cost-saving solution for the logistics service provider would be to use a shared parcel locker network. CollectNet helps logistics providers to share already existing parcel delivery network and can also integrate new parcel lockers to the platform.

The delivery process is simple: the couriers of different logistics providers receive a parcel, locate the most suitable shared parcel locker, get the access and insert the parcel in the locker. The CollectNet platform helps to share the pickup code with the parcel recipient and the recipient goes to the locker whenever it is suitable for them to pick up their parcel.


CollectNet’s network

  • A shared network of 8 Cleveron 401 parcel terminals in four cities in Estonia 
  • Closed network of Cleveron 301 smart mailboxes in an apartment building in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Several closed networks of companies using the Cleveron 301 smart parcel locker for click & collect in Estonia
  • Cleveron provides the on-site and remote maintenance and remote monitoring


  • Remote technical monitoring by Cleveron
  • Remote maintenance by Cleveron
  • On-site maintenance by Cleveron


Clients of the CollectNet platform

DHL Express was the first courier company to opt for CollectNet rather than set up their own network of parcel terminals. In addition to DHL, CollectNet is used by several smaller courier companies delivering parcels between the Cleveron  in Tallinn and Tartu.

CollectNet as a free hand-over point is also gaining popularity as it gives a chance to hand over parcels without the need to schedule a meeting.
DHL logo

In 2017, the parcel delivery company DPD also joined CollectNet’s network and began using Cleveron 401 as parcel pickup points for their customers.

Rainer Rohtla, the CEO of DPD, stated that cooperation with Cleveron provides innovative solutions that are one of DPD’s priorities when considering the growth of e-commerce. The parcel volume is growing every month and with Cleveron’s help, DPD has managed to expand their delivery network. In addition to the shared network, DPD is also a partner for the closed network of smart mailboxes and closed company networks.

DPD logo


A shared parcel terminal network is a simple idea, yet a revolution in last mile delivery. Today there is no proof of shared network concept in the world. However, there are many start-ups like we are. Our strength is Cleveron. They are our backbone in the whole concept, from software to hardware and everything in between.

Kaur Ojakivi
Manager, CollectNet

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