Cleveron 502

Refrigerated modular ASRS for dispensing online grocery orders.
Cleveron 502 is a fast and modular automated system for grocery goods pickup. The system has a unique combination of conveyor, lifts and shuttle tech, with an operator tote staging speed in a matter of seconds. Cleveron 502 is designed for handling larger volumes, and its modularity gives flexibility to suit business needs.
Cleveron 502
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Cleveron 502 handling your online grocery orders

Cleveron 502 is a refrigerated modular Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for dispensing online grocery orders.

The system is efficient as the operator and end-user consoles are separate and can be used simultaneously, ensuring optimal workflow management and higher customer satisfaction.

Its modular shelving system enables it to handle large volumes while maintaining a high insertion speed. The system is operator-friendly for its speedy and ergonomic insertion process.

Cleveron 502 is versatile and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and installation can be done inside existing infrastructure or tailored to fit within custom-built housing.


Cleveron 502 addresses your specific business needs

The volumes of online food orders significantly increased during the pandemic, driving permanent changes and shifts in consumer purchasing habits. More and more customers prefer buying groceries online, making the convenience of the offered service particularly crucial. The Cleveron 502 is a revolutionary solution designed with cutting-edge technology. The ASRS system addresses modern business needs by optimising processes and meeting increasing demands. 

Its adaptability seamlessly integrates into various logistical scenarios and can be used in many cases:

1. Curbside pickup

Automate current manual curbside pickup operations and cope with increasing demand. Online grocery volumes continue to surge after the initial post-pandemic drop, and this innovative solution ensures businesses can efficiently manage the increasing volume of pickups. The system streamlines operations by automating the curbside pickup process, reducing customer wait times and improving overall efficiency. It enables businesses to handle higher order volumes without compromising on service quality.

2. Hub & spoke

Set up a network of Cleveron 502s in remote locations to support current logistics setup – orders from a centralised fulfilment centre via a big truck to Cleveron 502s, locals pick them up, or couriers do home delivery runs. These strategically positioned units cater to local communities, allowing residents to order groceries online easily. This model enhances efficiency and fosters logistical flexibility, catering to varying customer preferences.

3. Home delivery

Efficiently stores and hands over fulfilled orders to home delivery drivers – saves time on storing, sorting, and loading. With the Cleveron 502’s support, businesses can seamlessly manage the logistics of home delivery services, meeting the growing demand while ensuring prompt and reliable order fulfilment.

Or combine 1, 2 or 3 as needed.


Multiple user interface

Cleveron 502 is equipped with multiple user consoles to speed up the goods insertion and retrieval process and allows to serve all parties at once:
  • The operator area is meant for inserting totes or taking out empty ones
  • End-user portal is meant to collect goods

How does it work?

Goods insertion process:

1.  Operator stages totes via the operator console
2. Totes are initially buffered on the ground level
3. Totes are then lifted upwards with a robotic lift
4. Totes are stored by a wireless shuttle
Expected tote staging speed 5-8s/tote.

Goods retrieval process:

Customer arrives & scans their pickup code
6. The customer order is delivered via the same movements
7. The order arrives at the customer collection point tote by tote
8. Customer collects their order

Technical information

Cleveron 502 has multiple climate zones:

Chilled (+2...+5 °C, 35...41 °F)
The chilled refrigerated zone stores groceries and FMCG goods and keeps them extra fresh until picked up by a customer.

Freezer (-18 °C, 0 °F)
The freezer zone is a controlled low-temperature module that stores frozen goods.

Cleveron 502 different configurations can have a capacity between 300 and 1600 totes.

Configurations are based on cubical shelving modules and can be configured both in length and height depending on the physical space's criteria and requirements or restrictions.


Unique shuttle technology for faster handling

Cleveron 502 patented shuttle technology is a tote-handling solution that onboards the tote off the lift with telescopic arms and relocates totes to the preassigned shelf area.

Each level is equipped with one shuttle. This tote-handling shuttle technology enables faster staging speed and decreases the single point of failure risk.


The benefits of Cleveron 502


Automated curbside pickup enables to do more with the same resources, resulting in increased order-handling capability.

Reduced costs

A smaller footprint for storing fulfilled orders, time saved for order handling operations and a shift towards more pickups than deliveries help minimise expenses.

Efficient operations

Automation is all about cutting out inefficient, repetitive tasks like fulfilled order storing and then relocating it for customer handover, optimising overall operations.

Enhanced customer experience

Seamless and automated processes result in a delightful customer journey, leading to higher retention rates and improved NPS scores.

Increased brand value

Cleveron 502 allows businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves while supporting sustainability goals and fostering an innovative brand image.


The system facilitates strategic logistics, incorporating different delivery methods or hub-and-spoke models, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions through well-placed automated curbside pickup locations.

The project funding period is from 02.2021 to 12.2023, supported by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency from the European Regional Development Fund and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant amount for the development project is up to €1,579,349.58.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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