Cleveron 351 Plus

Cleveron 351 Plus is a compact outdoor locker suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for parcel pickups and returns. 
The outdoor parcel locker offers a 24/7 human contactless pickup service, allowing companies to continue sales activities even when brick and mortar stores are closed. Cleveron 351 Plus is easy to install and deploy and delivers goods to clients without additional shipping costs.
Cleveron 351 Plus
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Be one step ahead of your competitors and keep your service open 24/7 – use the company’s parcel locker


Made especially for small and medium-sized enterprises

Cleveron 351 Plus is a compact outdoor parcel locker that many companies and institutions have taken into use to hand over online orders, car keys, books, documents or other necessities. Just as the e-shop is open 24/7, an outdoor parcel locker is also always available – the customer receives the goods without human contact and at a time convenient to them, and without transport costs.

What does Cleveron 351 Plus offer?

1. 24/7 open business

Cleveron 351 is a 24/7 available outdoor parcel locker that extends your business hours without increasing labour costs. The customers can choose the most suitable time to pick up their parcels from the machine, and they no longer depend on the company’s opening hours. Delivery speed is determined by how quickly the employee inserts the order into the locker.

2. Cost savings and a contact-free service

The company can deliver goods to the customer without transport costs and human contact from the company's parcel locker. Businesses can keep their customers and employees safe by using a parcel locker. Cleveron 351 Plus enables to receive third-party partners' parcels, and your customers do returns.

3. Rapid deployment

The locker arrives as a fully assembled unit that can be installed by one person. Simply unpack the machine, place it in the right place, and plug it in. NB! You don’t need to lay an internet cable to install the parcel machine. Businesses can manage the parcel locker through a web-based self-service platform. Companies can register orders and look at all outgoing parcels, capacity, usage, and other statistics to make vital business decisions with the platform.

4. Supports your growth

The locker is a modular solution, so extra modules can be added when order volumes grow. Different module types can be mixed and matched according to business and customer needs. With Cleveron, no further software integrations are needed after the very first one.


Company’s own parcel locker saves time and money
for you and your customers


Cleveron 351 Plus is super easy to use 

Operator to end-user
End-user return
1. The operator opens the door by using the app, touchscreen, or scans the barcode and inserts the parcel1. The end-user inserts the return code and inserts the parcel
2. The end-user is notified and receives the pickup code 2. The courier enters the operator mode with the mobile application and the returned parcel appears on the returned parcels list
3. The end-user inserts the pickup code3. The opening command unlocks the door and the operator collects the parcel
4. The locker door opens and the end-user collects the parcel


Customer feedback

Bauhof and Cleveron 351

In 2021, construction and horticultural store chain Bauhof installed Cleveron 351 parcel lockers in all its stores.

“We can see from the sales statistics that most customers do not want to pay extra for transport and therefore it is preferable to pick up the ordered goods in the store. Also, we aim to reduce queues during peak hours, and by using outdoor parcel lockers, we offer customers a contactless way to receive their order. This service is convenient for the customers; it is indicated by the fact that the customers usually pick up their orders within the same day.”
Priit Vao
Director of eCommerce at Bauhof

Pärnu Central Library and Cleveron 351

"The outdoor locker allows readers to plan their time more flexibly; receiving books is no longer related to the library's opening hours. A large number of people come and pick up their orders around eight or nine o’clock in the evening and on the weekends when the library is closed.”
Marina Jantson
Chief Service Specialist of Pärnu Central Library

Wihuri Agri and Cleveron 351

“Whether it is an urgent spare part order or a product ordered from the e-shop, thanks to the parcel machine we no longer have to wait for the customer to arrive, but we can conveniently place the goods in the locker in front of the warehouse. We believe that this investment will help us save enough of the most valuable resource – TIME. Parcel machines are essential to our flexible and high-level customer service, offering convenience and innovative and secure trade.”

Antti Kelner
Head of the Aftermarket at Wihuri Agri







Parcel machines are not only for logistics and courier companies;
each company and institution can put it to work for them.


Various parcel locker modules are available. Contact our sales specialist, and together we will find the best opportunity for your company.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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