Cleveron 351

Cleveron 351 is a compact outdoor parcel locker, suitable for smaller businesses.
The outdoor parcel locker offers a 24/7 human contactless pickup service, allowing companies to continue sales activities even when brick and mortar stores are closed. Cleveron 351 is easy to install and deploy and delivers goods to clients without additional shipping costs.
Cleveron 351
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Is Cleveron 351 right for your business?

Cleveron 351 is a compact outdoor parcel locker designed for small and medium-sized businesses, but not only. Several institutions have also set up a parcel machine to hand over books, parcels, documents, rented items or other necessities. Just as the e-shop is open 24/7, an outdoor parcel locker is also always open - the customer receives the goods without human contact and at a time convenient to them, and no transport costs are added to the order.

The parcel machine helps create a comfortable and customer-friendly user experience and allows you to be one step ahead of the competition.

The benefits of Cleveron 351 

1. A chance to continue growing your business

Cleveron 351 is an outdoor parcel locker, which means it is available for your clients 24/7. This gives companies a chance to continue serving customers even when physical stores or offices are closed. Experts predict that consumer behaviour will be changed as a result of the current pandemic and e-commerce will gain even more momentum. Cleveron 351 allows to deliver parcels conveniently and helps companies to prepare for the further growth of e-commerce.

2. Competitive advantage

Today, parcel lockers are used by the biggest retailers and logistics companies. Cleveron 351 helps smaller businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. Consumers' time is limited and convenience is often a determinative factor in the purchasing decision. When the price and products are similar, people usually go with the quicker and more convenient option.

3. Faster service

With the current boom of online shopping, parcel locker networks and courier services are overwhelmed, which has resulted in delays and dissatisfied customers. Cleveron 351 delivers goods quickly and provides a seamless shopping experience.

4. Human contact-free service

Current restrictions set in place by governments around the world won't most likely disappear any time soon. To adjust, companies have to adapt and come up with new, human contact-free pickup options. By using a parcel locker, businesses can keep their customers and employees safe.

5. Cost savings

With Cleveron 351, companies don't have to use logistics companies to deliver parcels. Customers can instead use a locker to pick up their items when it's most convenient for them.

6. Flexibility

Cleveron 351 is suitable for larger and smaller businesses and offers many more use cases than just handing over parcels.

7. Easy to install

The parcel locker can be installed by one person. The locker arrives as a fully assembled unit. After a couple of simple steps, the APM is ready to use.

8. Complete hardware and software package

Cleveron 351 arrives fully assembled and it includes the necessary software, which makes deployment even quicker. The software doesn't require expensive and lengthy integrations.

9. Scalable

Cleveron 351 can be scaled as parcel volumes grow. This can be done by adding extra modules to the main module.

10. Convenient self-service

Cleveron 351 parcel locker can be managed through a web-based self-service platform that helps to keep an eye on parcel volumes. With the platform, companies can register orders, look at all outgoing parcels, capacity, usage and other statistics used to make vital business decisions.

Technical information

Cleveron 351 has two main modules, with 12 or 23 doors. There are also two additional modules with 12 or 24 doors. When choosing the right configuration for your company, keep in mind the average parcel height and number of parcels handed out each week. If you’re unsure, Cleveron’s specialists are happy to help.

  • The 12-door main and additional modules hold 4 S, 4 M, 2 L and 2 XL sized parcels
  • The 23-door main module holds 18 XS+, 3 M and 2 L sized parcels
  • The 24-door additional module holds 20 XS+, 2 M and 2 L sized parcels

Parcel sizes (H × W × D):

  • XS+ up to 9 cm × 40 cm × 62 cm
  • S up to 12 cm × 40 cm × 62 cm
  • M up to 20 cm × 40 cm × 62 cm
  • L up to 38 cm × 40 cm × 62 cm
  • XL up to 60 cm × 40 cm × 62 cm

The depth of the PIN-pad locker is 60 cm.


  • Module width 1020 mm
  • Height with antenna 2223 mm
  • Depth with roof 768 mm
  • Locker depth 659 mm

How does it work?

Cleveron 351 operates like any other parcel locker - the sender registers the parcel, enters it into the APM, the client receives a notification and picks up the item. Cleveron 351 can be operated through a self-service environment, which comes with the parcel locker. Companies use it to generate order codes, track usage, capacity, and other vital statistics.

Parcels can be entered into the locker by using a code on the PIN pad:
  1. Generate an order code in the self-service
  2. Enter the generated code into the PIN pad on the parcel locker
  3. Place the parcel into the locker
  4. When the door closes, the customer receives a text message with the pickup code
  5. The customer arrives, enters their code into the PIN pad and receives their parcel

For customers, the pickup process is simple. Once the locker door is closed, the end-user receives a message with the pickup code, arrives at the APM, enters the code and receives their parcel.

Bauhof Group AS and Cleveron 351

An international chain of construction and horticultural stores Bauhof has made it even easier for its customers to receive online orders. Now the customers can choose “Telli ja Nopi” (“Order and Collect”) delivery option, which means that they can go and pick up their ordered goods at any time that suits them the best without any delivery costs. “We can see from the sales statistics that the majority of customers do not want to pay extra for transport and therefore it is preferable to pick up the ordered goods in the store,” said Priit Vao, Bauhof’s Director of eCommerce.

At the beginning of the new year, Bauhof decided to install lockers at all stores in Estonia. “We aim to reduce queues during peak hours, and by using outdoor parcel lockers, we offer customers a contactless way to receive their order. Also, receiving a package doesn’t depend on the opening hours of the store,” explained Vao. This solution has received positive feedback from customers.

The Public Sector and Cleveron 351

Today, 20 libraries across Estonia have introduced book lockers for more convenient delivery of borrowed works - the locker gives the customer the freedom to pick up the order at a time that suits them. Pärnu Central Library also uses this solution. Its readers have also positively accepted this. "The outdoor machine allows readers to plan their time more flexibly; receiving books is no longer related to the library's opening hours,” shared Marina Jantson, chief service specialist of Pärnu Central Library. The Viljandi City Government has twice handed over silver spoons to the city’s youngest citizens through the locker of the Viljandi City Library. Thus, the locker reduced interpersonal contacts during the period of coronavirus spread.

Viljandi Hospital installed the locker when visitors were not allowed in the building to avoid the risk of infection. Still, the hospital wanted to enable people to leave packages to their relatives under treatment. “We are very pleased that the relatives or friends of the patients are now able to bring packages to patients at a time that suits them the best, and the staff can pick them up according to how the workflow allows. I will certainly encourage other health and welfare institutions to try solutions that allow for more meaningful use of the workforce,” describes Krista Valdvee, the head of cooperation services at Viljandi Hospital Foundation.

Parcel machines are not only for logistics and courier companies; 
each company and institution can put it into work for them.




Wihuri Agri



Online stores

The parcel locker makes it possible to quickly deliver the goods ordered online to the customer without transport costs. The customer receives purchases from the outdoor machine around the clock and is no longer dependent on the store's opening hours. They can pick up their order even at midnight. Bauhof, Espak and Baltic Bolt are only a few examples that use this solution.

Car services

Clever car dealerships have made bringing vehicles to service convenient for the customers with the help of key lockers. The car owner takes the vehicle to service at a time that suits him, leaves the keys in the machine, and receives them from the locker again when the work is done. In Estonia Inchcape, Veho and Audi services already use this solution.

Delivering spare parts

Parcel locker helps the company to be there for their customers. Wihuri Agri is an agricultural machinery company that sells spare parts, among other things. During the peak agricultural season, the locker is a much-needed aid. To get a spare part, the customer calls the office, places an order, and the order is then placed in the closet. The customer receives a message with a door code; he can go and pick up the package at a time convenient to him and can continue the work.

Logistics companies

Parcel machines are known primarily through the locker networks of logistics companies. You can order Cleveron 351 lockers in different sizes and numbers of doors. Depending on the increased package volumes, you can also add modules. Each company can design the appearance of the lockers as they wish - all over Estonia, you can see DHL or UPS lockers that already strike from afar.



Installing the Cleveron 351 main module is simple. Once the APM has been placed in the desired location with a hand pallet truck, the parcel locker has to be connected to the electrical network.

Preparations for installation

Location requirements

  • The ground is stable, even and does not sink
  • There is at least 1500 mm of working space in front of the parcel machine
  • There are no light switches, fire hydrants, electrical switchboard behind the parcel machine
  • Waterproof socket 220V
  • Correct grounding
  • The current collection point is measured and checked and complies with the established standards
  • The maximum permissible slope of the surface is 60 mm over the combined length of the modules of the parcel terminal

How to install it?

  • Unload the parcel machine from the truck
  • Take the parcel machine to the installation site with a forklift
  • Remove the packaging
  • Adjust the legs of the machine so that the machine is level
  • Install and connect the electric cable
  • Install and connect the network cable (optional)
  • Test the functions of the machine and clean the parcel machine if necessary

For additional information please send an e-mail

Edith Väli

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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