Automated Click & Collect for Retail

Automated click & collect for retail is the most effective way to enhance the customer experience. Save time, stand out from the competition, and increase the number of impulse purchases.

Automated Click & Collect for Retail

Cleveron’s parcel and robotic lockers, software, and global service provide a comprehensive solution for business efficiency.

What our customers have to say

Cleveron understands our needs and provides smart and innovative solutions. We now have achieved an important milestone and have equipped a substantial number of our pickup stations with lockers, more to come.

Our collaboration with Cleveron, incorporating their robotic technology into our workflow, is about more than just retaining our position; it’s about innovating for better service and simplifying our customers’ lives.

Cleveron’s team helped to realise our long-standing dream – a one-of-a-kind Smart Office. Our partnership with Cleveron has always been professional and focused on finding opportunities and solutions – we are very grateful for that.


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