Cleveron 403

Cleveron 403 is an indoor parcel robot for smaller format stores. The robot can handle 25-200 parcels per day.

Cleveron 403 is designed for companies with smaller format stores, whose daily parcel volumes remain under 200 parcels. Cleveron 403 is a self-service automated pickup point for click and collect orders, offering a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for the end-user.

Cleveron 403
Cleveron 302 Cleveron 351 Plus
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What is it?

Cleveron 403 is an ideal starting point for BOPIS (buy online pick up in-store) and offers a space- and time-efficient alternative to traditional parcel lockers.

The 403 provides multiple ways of monetization – click and collect pickup, returns, slot reservation and a “vending machine” functionality.

The effective use of retail space is used for measuring the key performance metrics of a store, making it essential to fit as many parcels onto as little space as possible. Cleveron 403 is a robotic solution, which enables to store hundreds of parcels on a minimal amount of space. Additionally, thanks to the compact size of the parcel robot, the installation and deployment process is very quick and easy.


Four size options

Cleveron 403 is available in four sizes - 4 × 2 metres, 4 × 2.5 metres, 6 × 2.5 metres and 9 × 2.5 metres, with a depth of just 1.5 metres. The compact size makes it easy to install in buildings with low ceilings or narrow corridors.

The units can be installed using only manpower, with no extensive remodelling needed. This decreases installation costs and allows the retailer to start the click and collect automation process very quickly.

How does it work?

  1. The courier or a shop associate scans the parcel’s code at the user console
  2. Cleveron 403 brings a tray to the user console. The courier places the parcel onto the tray
  3. Cleveron 403 automatically measures the parcel's height
  4. Cleveron 403 stores the parcel on a shelf. For maximum capacity, Cleveron 403 allocates the exact amount of space needed for the specific parcel
  5. The end-user gets notified that their order is ready and receives the pickup code
  6. The end-user arrives at the parcel robot and inserts or scans the pickup code at Cleveron 403
  7. Cleveron 403 issues the parcel to the end-user within seconds
  8. The end-user can later return the parcel to the Cleveron 403 with ease


Where can Cleveron 403 be used?

On the shop floor

Boost foot traffic, additional sales and impulse purchases

In a mall corridor

Provide a click and collect service for many businesses at once 

In a warehouse

Streamline the inventory process and avoid losing small merchandise in the warehouse

In subway or railway stations

Provide parcel pickup in easy-to-reach locations


The benefits of Cleveron 403

Cleveron 403 is designed to be the most efficient click and collect parcel automation option for small spaces.

1. Saves space – both inside and outside the robot

To reach maximum space efficiency, the parcel robot can be integrated into the wall.

Cleveron 403 continuously adjusts parcel locations inside the robot according to height, making sure that no space is wasted and to reach maximum parcel density within the machine.

2. Saves time both for the end-users and couriers/shop associates

Cleveron 403 issues a parcel starting from under 10 seconds. Fast loading saves time for couriers or store associates, who can scan and insert parcels quickly from one location.

3. Multiple ways to monetize

Cleveron 403 can be used to automate click and collect pickups, returns, store goods in the warehouse or to be used as a vending machine.

4. Ideal starting point for click and collect parcel automation

The parcel robot is optimal for automated parcel delivery market entrants, whose daily parcel volumes have not surpassed 200+ parcels.

5. Scalable solution

When a retailer outgrows Cleveron 403, it would be easy to upgrade to Cleveron 402, which is meant for high-volume parcel automation and can hold up to 3,600 parcels

6. Adaptable software

Cleveron 403 works on Cleveron’s S2 software which allows the owner to manage their parcel robots conveniently. It is easily integrated through a public API.

7. Full service

Cleveron is your full-service partner. We take care of the installation process, offer maintenance for all our products and support from our remote and on-site teams.


How does Cleveron 403 differ from a parcel locker?

More ergonomic and convenient

Cleveron 403 is more ergonomic for couriers, store associates and end-consumers because all parcels go in and out from one location, placed at a convenient height.

Having one user console also means that couriers or store associates can complete the parcel loading task faster. Instead of walking back and forth between the user console and individual locker doors, all parcels are inserted from one door. Customers will also receive their goods from a convenient height, without having to reach up high to retrieve a heavy parcel.

Cleveron 403 W6H2.5
with 342 parcels 
Parcel locker
with 342 doors
Walking distance
to load 342 parcels
All parcels loaded
through one door,
no walking required
2.03 km

Smaller footprint and service area

Despite being approximately the same height as a parcel locker, Cleveron 403 has a considerably smaller service area, utilizing 1.5 times less amount of space than a parcel locker, which can hold the same amount of parcels. When integrated into the wall, Cleveron 403 uses 10 times less amount of space than a regular parcel locker. That’s because customers won’t need to access individual doors that are placed along the frontside of a regular parcel locker.

Cleveron 403 W6H2.5
with 342 parcels 
Parcel locker
with 342 doors
Space needed
(including service area)
11.5 m2 17.5 m2

In addition to requiring less space, the parcel robot stores more parcels per square meter than a traditional APM, maximizing the use of expensive retail space.

Reduces the possibility of loading- and pickup-related issues

Cleveron 403 reduces the number of errors that may occur upon loading. Cleveron 403 measures each parcel upon insertion and stores the parcel according to its height, whereas a regular parcel locker has drawers with set sizes and no automated measurement system. The associate or courier has to scan the parcel and then choose the appropriate locker size. This means that a mistake in the manual measurement process may result in damaging the packaging or the product itself by placing a parcel into a locker that is too small.

Maximizes the use of space

Since Cleveron 403 automatically measures each parcel upon insertion, it is able to allocate the exact amount of needed for the parcel. 

With a regular APM, when all other lockers are occupied, the courier has no other option than to place a small item in a large locker, which wastes a lot of space. Vice versa, when all big lockers are full, the courier cannot insert a large parcel, even though the machine could be half empty. 


Technical information


Cleveron 403 W4H2 Cleveron 403 W4H2 .5 Cleveron 403 W6H2.5 Cleveron 403 W9H2.5
Average no. of parcels
With an average parcel height of 110 mm
 100 125 200 300
Maximum no. of parcels
Parcel height of 50 mm
157 214342 534
Minimum no. of parcels
Parcel height of 400 mm
25 3252 82
Maximum parcel weight20 kg 20 kg20 kg20 kg
Maximum parcel dimensions60 × 40 × 40 cm60 × 40 × 40 cm 60 × 40 × 40 cm 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Width4 m4 m 6 m9 m
Depth1.5 m1.5 m 1.5 m1.5 m
Height2 m2.5 m 2.5 m2.5 m
Cleveron 403 is available in four sizes. We can help you choose the right model based on your parcel volumes and space requirements. Contact us for more information.


Cleveron 403 is operated by Cleveron's S2 software platform. S2 is a cloud-based software which is easily integrated with any backend system by Public API protocol.


Support and maintenance

Cleveron is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for our Cleveron 403 solution worldwide.


  • Hardware installation
  • Software integration
  • Training

Technical support

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Warranty

System enhancement

  • Business performance data
  • Research & development

On-site maintenance

Our support also includes worldwide on-site maintenance. On-site maintenance is carried out by our certified partner at the client's destination country. Cleveron provides continuous training and certification of service technicians, as well as spare parts management and logistics.

Remote monitoring

Our support includes a remote technical monitoring service to optimize the system's performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables to detect and solve 80% of hardware and software related issues from a distance. That translates to fast problem-solving and low maintenance costs.

For additional information please send an e-mail

Tarmo Tamm

Chief Sales Officer

E-mail: [email protected]

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