Cleveron 403

Cleveron 403 is an indoor parcel robot, which is suitable for smaller format stores. The robot can handle 50-500 parcels per day.
With an ever-growing volume of parcels caused by the popularity of e-commerce, companies are looking towards automation options. By providing BOPIS, or buy online pick up in store, retailers get customers back in stores. This increases footfall, additional sales and customer loyalty. Similarly to Cleveron 402, the 403 offers the fastest solution to automate click and collect parcel pickup.
Cleveron 403
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What is it?

Cleveron 403 is a compact self-service pickup point for click and collect orders, which is suited for a low to medium parcel volume.

The 403 provides multiple ways of monetization – click and collect pickup, returns and a “vending machine” functionality. The robot can also secure high-value goods for back of house.

Cleveron 403 is designed to fit in small spaces with low ceilings or narrow corridors, where every cubic inch is accounted for.

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Two size options

Cleveron 403 is available in two sizes - 4 × 2 metres and 6 × 2.5 metres, with a width of 1.5 metres.

The units can be installed using only manpower, with no extensive remodelling needed. This decreases installation costs and time and allow the customer to start their click and collect automation very quickly.

Cleveron 403 is an excellent option for those who would like to enter the world of robotics-based parcel automation, but whose parcel volumes have not yet reached 500+ parcels per day.

How does it work?

1. The courier or a shop associate inserts a parcel into Cleveron 403

5. The end-user inserts or scans the pickup code at Cleveron 403

2. Cleveron 403 automatically measures the parcel's height

6. Cleveron 403 issues the parcel to the end-user within seconds

3. Cleveron 403 stores the parcel on a shelf. For maximum capacity, Cleveron 403 finds the right shelf depending on the parcel's height

7. The end-user can later return the parcel to the Cleveron 403 with ease

 4. The end-user gets notified and receives the pickup code

Where can Cleveron 403 be used?

On the shop floor

When placed directly inside your store, the parcel robot increases footfall and boosts additional sales 

In a mall corridor

Cleveron 403 can provide an automated click and collect service for many retailers

In a warehouse

Cleveron 403 can simplify your inventory process and helps to avoid losing small merchandise in the warehouse

Inside a wall

The parcel robot can be seamlessly integrated into the interior, for a sleek finish

The benefits of Cleveron 403

We designed Cleveron 403 to be the most efficient click and collect automation option for small spaces.

World’s most compact robotic click and collect solution

Cleveron 403 is the most compact robotic parcel automation solution. The parcel robot is available in two sizes - 4x2 metres and 6x2.5 metres, with a depth of 1.5 metres. Thus, these machines are suitable for locations with low ceilings and a very limited amount of space. The parcel robot can be installed inside a wall, in a warehouse, a corridor or directly on the sales floor. The small measurements of the parcel robot allow for fast and easy installation and deployment.

Effective use of space

In retail, every square inch of space is accounted for and maximized for profit. This is why we have launched Cleveron’s most compact and space-efficient parcel robot to date. The robot allows for low ceilings and does not require an exorbitant amount of floor space. Cleveron 403 utilizes space most efficiently when it is installed inside a wall. In such a case, the robot requires only a meter of wall space for the center console, where all parcel insertions and exertions take place. All parcel insertions and withdrawals take place through the centre console. In addition to saving wall space, the console saves time for couriers or store associates, who can quickly load a large number of parcels from one location.

Parcel pickup speed

The speed of the parcel pickup is an essential part of customer experience. The pickup speed of the parcel depends on the length of the machine and the distance between the main console and the stored parcel. On average, Cleveron 403 issues a parcel starting from under 10 seconds.

Optimized storing

What sets robotic solutions apart from automated parcel machines, is the optimized parcel placement feature. Cleveron 403 continuously adjusts parcels locations inside the robot according to the parcels' height. Adjustable storing makes it possible to reach maximum storage space.

Multiple ways to monetize

Cleveron 403 can be used to automate click and collect pickups, returns or to store goods in a warehouse. The machine can also be used as a robotic vending machine, where retailers can place their most popular items in the machine even before a purchase takes place. When a customer purchases the aforementioned item, they will immediately receive a notification to pick up their item in-store, thus providing the customer with instant purchasing gratification and a better customer experience overall.


Benefits of click and collect automation

Reduces click and collect pickup costs

  • Automated storage reduces in-store parcel storage footprint
  • Automated parcel processes need less manpower, which reduce labour costs
  • No parcel delivery transportation costs thanks to in-store pickup

Enhances click and collect experience

  • Self-service pickup points dispense parcels in fast – no waiting in lines
  • Easy-to-use technology proven by customer cases

Increases efficiency of click and collect operations

  • Automated parcel storage is more efficient than manual parcel storing
  • The average click and collect parcel pickup takes around 10 minutes for the end-customer. With Cleveron 403 it takes around 10 seconds
  • Automated in-store parcel return

Increases brand value


Support and maintenance

Cleveron is a full-service partner. We offer full life-cycle support for our Cleveron 403 solution worldwide.


  • Hardware installation
  • Software integration
  • Training

Technical support

  • Remote monitoring
  • On-site maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Warranty

System enhancement

  • Business performance data
  • Research & development

Remote monitoring

Our support includes a remote technical monitoring service to optimize the system's performance and minimize downtime. The main advantage of remote technical monitoring is that it enables to detect and solve 80% of hardware and software related issues from a distance. That translates to fast problem-solving, low maintenance costs and 99,5% up-time.

On-site maintenance

Our support also includes worldwide on-site maintenance. On-site maintenance is carried out by our certified partner at the client's destination country. Cleveron provides continuous training and certification of service technicians, as well as spare parts management and logistics.


Technical info


Cleveron 403  W4H2 Cleveron 403  W6H2.5
Average trays
With an average parcel height of 110 mm
 100 200
Maximum trays
Parcel height of 50 mm
Minimum trays
Parcel height of 400 mm
Maximum parcel weight20 kg20 kg
Width4 m6 m
Depth1.5 m1.5 m
Height2 m2.5 m

Cleveron 403 is available in two sizes. We can help you choose the right model based on your parcel volumes and space requirements. Contact us for more information.


Cleveron 403 is operated by Cleveron's CleverLand software platform. CleverLand is a cloud-based software which is easily integrated with any backend system by Public API protocol. 

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