Automated Parcel Locker for Bus Stops

Cleveron 361 is an outdoor parcel locker designed for bus stops in rural areas.
Cleveron 361 combines the characteristics of a bus stop and a parcel locker. Clients can receive their online-ordered parcels from the bus stop and the parcel locker can be filled by couriers or bus drivers. The bus stop/parcel locker uses solar panels, which supports the transition to climate neutrality, 
Automated Parcel Locker for Bus Stops
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Why Cleveron 361?

Do you live in the countryside? How far is your nearest parcel locker?

Parcel lockers are usually installed in cities and towns with more residents and a higher demand for the service. This has caused a situation in which people, who live in the countryside, have to drive tens of kilometres to reach their nearest parcel locker.

Cleveron 361 brings the necessary service closer to consumers - to village bus stops. The bus stop/parcel locker would make shopping online much more convenient and quick for rural people and shorten delivery times for city dwellers.


A parcel locker for every village

"There are more than 4,500 villages and small towns in Estonia, where today, there are no parcel lockers. People enjoy using parcel lockers. We calculated that if the state would invest €20 million, we would be ready to install a parcel locker in every village in Estonia," said Cleveron's CEO Arno Kütt.

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Chief Sales Officer

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