Become a distributor!

  • Are you interested in offering innovative solutions which will save time and money for retailers?
  • Do you have an understanding of the retail business and e-commerce?
  • Are you already providing similar services to the largest retailers in your region?
  • Do you have an established network of retail contacts in your market?

Find or become a distributor

Cleveron is committed to building a worldwide network of distributors to help save time for people around the world. If you can't find a distributor in your area yet, please reach out to our Regional Managers. 


Rauno Sigur

Sr. Regional Manager

Middle East

Jaagup Jalakas

Sr. Regional Manager
SPAN Group
Middle East

North America

Rasmus Luhakooder

Sr. Regional Manager

Northern Europe

Kelly Veske

Sr. Regional Manager


Kelly Veske

Sr. Regional Manager

South America

Marge Taivere

Sr. Regional Manager

Southern Europe

Jaagup Jalakas

Sr. Regional Manager
Italy, Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Western Europe

Regina Metsallik

Regional Manager
Dujardin Remmers
Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
InStore Solution

Revolutionize last-mile deliveries with Cleveron

As Cleveron's distributor, your task will be to introduce the cutting-edge robotic parcel terminal solutions to your market, close deals and establish new client relationships with large retail companies. We will provide you with the know-how, sales, and marketing support to help you reach your goals.

If you wish to become a distributor or couldn’t find one in your region, start by contacting us.

  • Retail
  • Logistics / Post
  • Real estate
  • Distributor
  • Agent
  • Other

For additional information call or send e-mail

Reio Orasmäe
Sales Manager

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (+372) 609 1671