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Parcel Locker as a Safe Key Cabinet – Audi Tallinn’s Success Story

29.08.2022 | Cleveron, Cleveron351, parcel locker, Audi, key cabinet
Audi car service centre in Tallinn is one of the many car dealerships in Estonia that have decided to offer a more flexible solution for customers to hand over and receive car keys when taking their vehicle to be serviced. Logistics and delivery companies widely use parcel lockers; however, companies from other fields can also easily take the solution into use to make parcel hand-over more efficient and save time for their employees and customers. With the help of the parcel locker, you can easily hand over packages as well as keys.

Audi’s car dealership in Tallinn has been using the locker for two years. COVID-19 was challenging for the company in many aspects. One such question was how to enable customers to bring their car to service and collect it when it was mandatory to avoid physical contact between people. Audi saw a possible solution in a parcel locker, which could be used in addition to parcel handover as a key cabinet. At the same time, the locker is a 24/7 accessible human contact-free service. Mikk Varjas, Member of the Board and Head of Service at Audi Tallinn explained their choice: “Restrictions that were put in place with the spread of the Coronavirus made us think about how our customers could bring their car to service and receive it without another person handing over the keys. We saw a possible solution in a parcel locker. It helps us offer a flexible and contactless service to customers, who can now choose when they want to drop off or collect their cars. Also customers often prefer to collect their online orders such as original parts or accessories from our outdoor locker.”

Freedom For Customers
The advantage of the outdoor parcel locker is that it is accessible around the clock. It gives the customers an option to take their car to the service early in the morning or in the late at night when the service is already closed. “Our customers use the parcel locker mainly after hours. This solution was received by our customers quickly, and the usage of the machine has constantly been increasing,” said Varjas. Before the customer takes their car into service, the Audi centre will issue them a unique locker code which they can use to leave the keys in the locker. Later, when the car is ready to be collected, the key will again be placed in the key cabinet. The customer will receive a notification that the vehicle is ready for collection, and it includes the code to open the locker door. Much like the COVID-19 has changed people’s behaviour, it has also shifted the expectations of how people would like to use services. “Today, I can say that we successfully have established a system, which our customers use a lot, even though COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted,” added Varjas.

“Today, I can say that we successfully have established a system, which is used a lot and also at the times when we don’t have COVID-19 restrictions.”

Quick and Efficient Solution
The parcel locker arrives fully assembled. At the site, you must only remove the packaging and set up all necessary connections. The parcel locker is ready to be used within a couple of hours. “We are satisfied with the installation of the parcel machine, and it was a worthwhile investment for us. Cooperation with Cleveron has been good, and any concerns and questions have been solved quickly,” commented Varjas.

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