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Elevate Your Business: Partnering with Cleveron for Innovation and Excellence

09.10.2023 | Cleveron

In a landscape where the success of businesses hinges on their ability to embrace innovation and optimise processes, choosing a strategic partner is a pivotal decision. We at Cleveron define ourselves as a partner backed by a strong dedication to research and development (R&D) and a deep-seated focus on innovation to find solutions that work effortlessly to meet business needs.

Pioneer of Innovation with Strong R&D

Unyielding investment in R&D initiatives ensures a position at the forefront of technological advancement and makes Cleveron an ideal partner for businesses that seek to lead rather than follow. Our approach to product development blends design and automation experience with streamlined processes and constant development activities supported by clients' feedback. Innovation revolves around user experience and ease of implementation. Therefore, we strongly emphasise understanding business-specific needs and believe in creating perfect solutions for unique challenges.

In-House Hardware and Software Expertise

We take a holistic approach to product development. Therefore, we carry out hardware and software developments in-house. Cleveron has a wide range of automated parcel machine (APM) development expertise in parcel lockers and robotics. The in-house developed software platform provides businesses with an easily integrated and user-friendly solution that streamlines operations and offers valuable insights into customer behaviour, making it a powerful tool for companies seeking to enhance their customer-centric strategies. By keeping the entire development process under one roof, solutions don't just meet industry standards but excel in both hardware and software domains. This strategy optimises the synergy between these components, guarantees a consistent and hassle-free experience for end-users and supports the operational excellence of businesses partnering.

Collaborative Network for Seamless Service

We collaborate with a network of service partners strategically positioned in local markets, creating 360-degree exceptional expertise. Cleveron’s partners facilitate the distribution of APMs and are experts in their field of local markets. Aftersales is a network of our in-house teams and external service partners working together to guarantee that the experience with Cleveron is smooth and consistently excellent throughout the partnership. The service partners provide customer assistance, maintenance, and support after purchasing a product. With technicians readily available across countries, the service support ensures that our hardware is well cared for. Cleveron's in-house training maintains the high quality of after-sales services. This commitment to ongoing education is instrumental in keeping the consistent quality of service. Our collaboration with distribution and service partners aims to deliver technology, sustained operational excellence and peace of mind to clients.

We are a strategic partner committed to R&D, offering solutions that align seamlessly with business needs. The business approach combines design and automation expertise with market feedback, guaranteeing the solution is perfect for unique challenges. We offer in-house hardware, software development and a strong collaborative network of after-sales and service partners for delivering an excellent end-user experience and operational simplicity for companies using Cleveron’s APMs. This holistic approach shows that technology is not just a product but a source of sustained operational excellence and peace of mind for clients.

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