Experts in Automated Click&Collect for Retail

We are a technology company that develops and manufactures parcel delivery lockers and robotic parcel lockers. We create automated parcel lockers to help retailers streamline the click & collect delivery of online purchases.

Retail solutions

Cleveron was founded out of a desire to make it as convenient as possible for retailers to deliver e-commerce orders to end-customers. We have been tackling this challenge since 2007 while continuously testing and developing our technology and services. We understand the challenges retailers face and have designed our products and services accordingly.

We provide solutions specifically for retail needs. In addition to award-winning hardware, we offer software, maintenance, and after-sales service our customers appreciate. We take every challenge and concern very seriously – customer well-being is our top priority.

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Our story

The story of our company started with a simple problem: how to deliver e-commerce parcels quickly and conveniently without forcing people to queue for hours at the post office or wait for a courier at home. Fast forward to today and we are still tackling this challenge, but our products and technologies as well as customers’ habits have changed over time.

Cleveron’s role in society

We invest in the creators of the future and feel passionate about fostering the development of tech-savvy young people. Our support for IT, robotics and technology education is manifold. We equip schools with resources and consult universities on curricula development.

We are one of the lead sponsors of the annual AHHAA RoboBattle competition that promotes science and technology education. RoboBattle is a unique robotics, engineering and mechanics competition in the Baltic and Nordic countries.

Sustainability and social impact

We believe that resources should be used sustainably. We help global retailers automate click & collect solutions for parcels and work every day to ensure that our parcel delivery lockers are sustainable and have the smallest footprint possible. We want to create a better tomorrow.

Intellectual property

We develop and manufacture innovative technology for package delivery automation and invest a lot of time and resources into product development – therefore, all our products are protected by intellectual property rights.

In total, we have filed more than 200 applications in more than 30 target countries, combining various intellectual property rights, including but not limited to: copyrights, patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, service marks.

In 2010, we registered our trademark in the European Union, which was also Cleveron’s first registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

A more detailed list of Cleveron’s current patents and utility models can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.


  • Per Klavsen

    Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

  • Ott Pabut

    Chief Operating Officer, Board Member

  • Eggert Otsa

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kertu Kuusik

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Ain Põder

    Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Mikk Noorkõiv

    Chief Quality Officer

  • Tanel Aruoja

    Chief Service Officer

Frequently asked questions

Who founded Cleveron?

Cleveron was founded in 2007 by Arno Kütt, Peep Kuld and Indrek Oolup.

How did Cleveron start? 

In 2000, Cleveron’s owners set up online store ON24 to sell furniture. In the early years, the company struggled to partner with logistics companies to deliver goods to customers. This led to the establishment of a dedicated logistics department in 2006, which soon became a separate company under the name SmartPOST. In 2007, the legal name of the company was registered as Cleveron. The aim of the company was to develop and sell hardware and software for parcel lockers and to set up SmartPOST’s own locker network. In 2010, SmartPOST’s locker network, the entity using it to provide logistics services, and the brand name were sold to the Finnish company Itella. After selling SmartPOST, the company pivoted to the name Cleveron, which had been registered previously, and focused on the development of parcel locker technology to make life easier and more convenient for end-customers.

What patents and utility models does Cleveron currently hold? 

The Cleveron 200 series (home parcel lockers):
USD864515S; CN305346034S; CN305815976S; CN212027435U; USD912924S; USD938798S; CA188592S; JP1661055S; US11730296B2

The Cleveron 300 series (parcel lockers):
US9604259B2; ES1221890Y; DE202014011277U1

The Cleveron 400 series (vertical and horizontal robotic parcel lockers):
EP2881905B1; US9242810B2; US10621401B2; US10114996B2; US10817692B2; US10357804B2; USD881503S; CN305797828S; CN208761494U; CN208747157U; CN305018139S; CN210133562U; CN211768043U; CN211569023U; CN305856862S; CN306130097S; USD902525S; AU2020204032B2; CN213371254U; CN213345222U; CN213308917U;
CN306796077S; USD922369S; CN110857171B; CN112093361B; CN216444320U; CN216444321U; CN307464575S; EP3142085B1; USD942734S; CA202802S; JP1671098S; CA190373S; CA190372S; JP1634699S; CA203326S; JP7033626B2; US11341346B2; AU2019204998B2; US11138544B2; EP3614350B1; CA183690S; AU201815717S; JP1696078S; JP1661737S; US11797905B2; US11625969B2; CA3084403C; CA3050144C; NZ765476B2; EP3764330B1; NZ755350B2; USD1016425S; US11922755B2: US11829835B2: USD1025780S1

The Cleveron 500 series (food robots):
CN306072448S; CN212229739U; CN212229740U; CN213567893U; USD950771S; CA190374S; JP6957678B2; US11479413B2; CN111942787B; JP1661738S; NZ764398B2

Other series:

What is Cleveron Academy? 

The Cleveron Academy was created in cooperation with the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences. The first class of the Academy started in autumn 2019. The Academy was founded with the aim of offering higher education in the development of robotics software, which was unique in Estonia at that time. The first class of the Academy accepted 20 students interested in robotics software development.

The Academy’s classrooms are located in Cleveron’s office, giving students the opportunity to see a technology company at work on a day-to-day basis. The students’ main project is the development of autonomous vehicles. In 2022, the Cleveron Academy became the Clevon Academy, following the demerger of Cleveron’s autonomous vehicles unit, which now operates as a separate company under the name Clevon.

What is Clevon? 

Clevon is the autonomous vehicles unit that separated from Cleveron in 2021. It is now an independent company. Clevon develops and manufactures autonomous, energy-efficient robotic delivery vehicles that are environmentally friendly and contribute to a climate-neutral environment.

What is click & collect? 

Click & collect is an e-commerce model where the customer makes a purchase from an online store and collects the parcel from the store. This model is used by the world’s largest retailers to deliver goods to their customers. It has the advantage of free delivery, meaning that the end-customer does not have to pay extra for transport. Cleveron’s robotic parcel lockers offer an automated click & collect solution for retail, where end-users can collect their parcels within 10 seconds.