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We develop and manufacture automated click & collect technology for online orders for the world’s largest retailers. At Cleveron, you can contribute to its development. Join the team and let’s change the world together.
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Our values

At Cleveron, we operate on the basis of a set of shared values that serve as a compass towards reaching our goals. Our values are

  • Team

    We are #teamcleveron

  • Time

    We gift time to everyone

  • Innovation

    We move forward by making the world a better place

  • Quality

    We think long term


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Awarded the title of Attractive Employer since 2018
TOP employer in the manufacturing sector
Awarded the title of Attractive Employer since 2019
Awarded the title of Attractive Employer since 2019
Exporter of the Year
Design Practitioner of the Year
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Our teams


Our hardware product teams develop innovative parcel lockers and robotic parcel lockers and continuously improve existing ones. They are two steps ahead of market demand, which means that they create rather than predict the future. Millions of people around the world use the solutions they have devised.


Our software team brings our parcel lockers and robotic parcel lockers to life. Their solutions enable people to use Cleveron’s technology in the most convenient way, and they work every day to find new and clever ways to improve customer experience.

After-sales service

After-sales service ensures that our lockers are installed in the right place at the right time, and quickly and efficiently solves any faults that may occur with our lockers around the world. We offer continuous 24/7 monitoring and support, with 84% of global issues being resolved remotely from our offices in Estonia. 


The sales team works daily with global companies – both existing and potential customers. They have the best insight into the ROI of implementing robotic parcel lockers and how to make parcel delivery as efficient as possible for retailers.


The marketing team sees to it that knowledge of Cleveron’s products and services reaches decision-makers in the world’s largest retailers. The marketing team communicates with potential and existing customers and other partners to promote Cleveron’s visibility around the world, both verbally and visually.

Quality and process development

Quality and process development does not compromise on quality and makes sure that everything lives up to its standards. It also creates and develops processes across the company to streamline operations in every department.


Cleveron products and services help our customers save time and money. Our finance team is in charge of planning, monitoring and managing cash flows to make sure we operate sustainably.

Supply chain

The supply chain brings together the purchasing, manufacturing and logistics teams. The purchasing team makes sure that we have all the necessary components to manufacture our products, the manufacturing team assembles our innovative parcel lockers and robotic parcel lockers, and the logistics team ensures that all our products arrive at the right place at the right time, anywhere in the world.

Business support

Ancillary services support all the other teams to bring our innovations to every corner of the world. The keywords describing our ancillary services are talent and investing in talent, employee well-being, support for flexible work arrangements, smooth work processes and effective solutions.

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