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Cleveron 15: Cleveron in Numbers

29.07.2022 | Cleveron

This year, Cleveron is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

  1. One united Team Cleveron

  2. Two offices – one in Viljandi and the other in our capital city Tallinn, which have 117 and 44 Cleverooniks respectively

  3. Three employees named Indrek, Rasmus, Andrus, Erik, Helen, Kätlin, Madis, Raido, Sten, Kert(t)u or Tarmo

  4. To make life even more interesting, you’ll also find four people named Henri/ Henry, Kristjan, or Tanel working at Cleveron

  5. Five – Cleveron’s solutions, including parcel lockers and robots, can be found on five continents and in nearly 50 countries

  6. Six weeks of paid vacation time because we value our teammates

  7. Seven divisions working towards a common goal – to give people more time

  8. We enjoy traveling. On average, eight days per year are spent working abroad per employee, which makes for a total of 1294 work days abroad

  9. Nine Cleverooniks have worked at Cleveron for over ten years, while the average tenure is 3.7 years

  10. Ten seconds to get your parcel because why should we spend more time on that?

  11. In 2011, we introduced the Cleveron 401 parcel pickup tower to the world

  12. Twelve years ago, the parcel locker network we had developed, along with the brand name SmartPost was sold to Itella Corporation (former Finnish Post). After that, the company started using the name Cleveron and focused on the development of software and hardware for automated click-and-collect parcel solutions

  13. The Cleveron 501 L grocery robot is thirteen meters deep

  14. Did you know that the most popular way to receive and send packages in Estonia is by using a parcel locker? Only fourteen percent of Estonians haven’t received a package from a parcel locker in the past six months

  15. Fifteen years of innovation

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