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ICA Partners Up with Cleveron to Develop ICA Agnostic Delivery Network

Cleveron 402 robotic parcel locker in ICA store behind a wall, only the intuitive black console is visible, providing access for package deposits and retrievals

ICA, Sweden's leading grocery retailer, has partnered with Cleveron, a tech company specialising in robotics-based parcel handover solutions, to transform parcel delivery processes in stores across the country. ICA uses Cleveron’s technology to automate manual pick-up points in its stores. The successful pilot project between ICA and Cleveron finished in April 2022, and by the start of 2024, the companies have automated 75 in-store pick-up points.

This collaboration between ICA and Cleveron marks a significant stride towards achieving more efficient and sustainable parcel delivery solutions in Sweden. Leveraging Cleveron’s robotic technology, ICA improves customer experience and operational efficiency, gaining a competitive edge. This automation frees up the workforce for more meaningful tasks, marking a sustainable and innovative advancement in retail logistics.

Cleveron’s board member Ott Pabut shares his vision on how the partnership with ICA is reshaping the landscape of retail logistics, emphasising the transformative impact of their collaborative efforts. “We are thrilled to collaborate with ICA, a leader in the Swedish grocery sector, to redefine the parcel delivery landscape. Our innovative robotic technology, integrated into ICA’s network, is not just about automation; it’s about revolutionising customer service and store operations. This partnership is a leap forward in our mission to make parcel handover more efficient, customer-friendly, and sustainable. It’s an exciting era for retail logistics, and together with ICA, we are setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

Per Carlén, Business Manager for Convenience and Parcel Services at ICA, shares, “At ICA, we’re driven to simplify daily tasks for our customers, leading us to establish the ICA Agnostic Delivery network for one-stop convenience. Our goal is to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. In today’s competitive retail environment, evolving is essential for keeping our leadership position and market share. Our collaboration with Cleveron, incorporating their robotic technology into our workflow, is about more than just retaining our position; it’s about innovating for better service and simplifying our customers’ lives.”

With Cleveron’s solutions, customers can have their third-party parcels delivered to an ICA store of their choosing. The technology includes parcel lockers and robotics-based systems, enabling customers to quickly collect their orders within seconds instead of standing in a queue for several minutes and waiting for store associates to hand over the parcels. This not only simplifies the process but also frees up associates’ time previously spent on manual parcel handover.

Sofie Pettersson, Business Development Manager at ICA, adds, “As we embrace technological advancements in our operations, we’re constantly seeking ways to better serve our customers. Integrating Cleveron’s robotic technology aligns perfectly with our vision of enhancing convenience and efficiency. This partnership underscores our dedication to staying ahead in the market and delivering exceptional experiences to our customers.”

About ICA Sweden

ICA Sweden is the top grocery retailer in Sweden, offering four distinct store types: Kvantum, Maxi, Nära, and Supermarket. ICA Sweden collaborates with independent ICA retailers on a franchise model; each store is independently owned but coordinated by the central organisation, ICA Gruppen. Known for local adaptation and a strong focus on sustainability and community involvement, ICA Sweden is a key player in the Swedish retail sector.

About Cleveron

Cleveron, an Estonian tech company, is a global leader in parcel handover innovation, specialising in creating robotic parcel solutions that automate last-mile click-and-collect. Today, Cleveron’s solutions are used by retail giants like Zara and H&M and logistics companies like DHL and UPS in more than 51 countries worldwide. By leveraging Cleveron’s solutions, companies can reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel delivery and return operations, and enhance the omnichannel customer experience.