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Telia Estonia’s Innovative Digital Representation Offices Equipped With Cleveron’s Technology Transforming Remote Connectivity

Telia Estonia, in co-operation with Cleveron, opened their third and newest digital representation office in Keila, Estonia. Telia is reshaping the traditional sales space, fostering connectivity in areas with low population density. This innovative approach not only addresses the challenges of geographical distance but also underscores Telia's commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

A cost-effective solution to expand reach

The concept of digital representation offices is a cost-effective solution to expand reach and physical presence in remote regions. According to Katre Liiberg, the manager of Telia’s sales and service unit, the company decided to open a smart representative office in Keila after great consideration and analysis because it is an important county centre where, in addition to the residents of Keila, people from nearby regions go about their daily business.

The conventional model of maintaining physical offices in such areas is economically challenging, and Telia Estonia’s adoption of self-service representation offices demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, allowing customers to engage in contract signing, online consultations with customer service representatives, and even receive gadgets, all through the power of digital technology.

The digital representation office has two of Cleveron’s innovative parcel robots for goods handover and a large customer service touch screen for contacting Telia’s call centre consultant. By integrating Cleveron’s parcel robotics and self-service terminals, companies like Telia can efficiently operate in various locations. Cleveron’s Team X Manager Karl Henry Thomson points out: “A scenario where one remote customer assistant could manage multiple digital stores is now a reality. This not only optimises operational costs but also creates a more advantageous position for rural consumers, with the potential for better access to digital representation stores.”

Cleveron's Team X Manager Karl Henry Thomson at digital representation office opening
Cleveron’s Team X Manager Karl Henry Thomson at digital representation office opening

Beyond the benefits for businesses, the adoption of robotics-based self-service stores has the potential to positively impact employees in isolated areas. With virtual workplaces eliminating the need for long commutes or relocations, individuals in remote regions can access employment opportunities closer to home, fostering a better work-life balance.

Telia Estonia’s venture into digital representation offices marks a pivotal moment in the telecommunications industry, demonstrating the power of technology to connect remote regions. By embracing this innovative concept, Telia not only expands its footprint but also contributes to economic development, reduces geographical disparities, and provides accessible employment options for individuals living in isolated areas. As the digital representation office model continues to evolve, it promises to create new possibilities for growth and expansion in previously untapped markets.

About Cleveron

Cleveron is an Estonian tech company and the world’s innovation leader in creating robotic parcel solutions to automate last-mile click and collect. With the help of Cleveron’s solutions, companies reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel delivery and return operations and improve the omnichannel customer experience. Cleveron’s drive is to help people save time by creating innovative parcel robots and APMs that eliminate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks from people’s lives. Cleveron’s parcel lockers and robots handle nearly 20 million parcels globally each year.

About Telia 

Telia is the leading mobile operator and supplier of telecom services in Estonia. The company has a comprehensive range of mobile and fixed services for businesses and consumers. Telia is a focused Nordics and Baltics integrated digital operator on a mission to build a new digital society, empowering people, companies and societies to stay in touch with everything that matters to them.

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