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Cleveron 355: The Best Click and Collect Solution For Oversized Parcel Delivery

Cleveron 355, our newest solution, is specially engineered for DIY and home furnishing retailers. It enables the automated handover of extra-large items.

Cleveron, a click-and-collect automation solutions innovator, is proud to launch a modular outdoor parcel locker, Cleveron 355. The newest solution is specially engineered for DIY and home furnishing retailers, enabling the automated handover of extra-large items.

The introduction of the Cleveron 355 comes at a time when the click-and-collect market has grown by 16% approximately per annum. Traditionally, bulky items at DIY or hardware stores have been handed over manually. With the Cleveron 355 outdoor parcel locker, retailers can now automate these processes, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Cleveron 355 can be combined with the Cleveron 352. Using them together offers customers the opportunity for optimal space utilization—large items can be placed in the large locker and small items in the small locker.

Front view of the Cleveron 355 with a roof attachment, showcasing an open door revealing a pallet inside with a package. This demonstrates the ease of retrieving products from the machine with a pallet, facilitating convenient loading into vehicles. A practical solution for DIY stores.

The Cleveron 355 represents a significant advancement in our commitment to enhancing retail efficiency and customer convenience. Its unique design allows easy storage and retrieval, simplifying what was once a complex process and significantly enhancing both retail efficiency and customer convenience. – Reelika Martoja, product owner of Cleveron 355 


Cleveron 355 outdoor parcel locker enables retailers to offer extra flexibility to their customers and increase customer satisfaction. A distinctive feature of the Cleveron 355 is its capability to accommodate shopping carts and EUR pallets within its ground-level compartments. This design is strategically intended to facilitate the easy transfer of items directly into a passenger car. This functionality allows businesses to extend operating hours and offer customers the chance to pick up their orders at their convenience from an accessible, user-friendly locker.

Side view of the Cleveron 355 outdoor parcel locker designed for oversized goods, highlighting its substantial depth for rear loading by companies and convenient front access for customers to retrieve products placed on pallets.

In addition to customer convenience, the Cleveron 355 helps retailers optimize physical storage space and reduce labour costs. As the volume of online orders grows, the locker’s modular design facilitates the seamless integration of additional modules, ensuring the system’s scalability and adaptability. This solution not only streamlines the handling of large items but also integrates smoothly with existing retail ecosystems, underscoring Cleveron’s ongoing innovation in retail automation technology.

You can directly get in touch with us by using this form. Learn more about Cleveron 355’s and download the product sheet here.

About Cleveron

Cleveron, an Estonian tech company, is a global leader in parcel handover innovation, specializing in creating robotic parcel solutions that automate last-mile click-and-collect. Today, Cleveron’s solutions are used by retail giants like Zara and H&M and logistics companies like DHL and UPS in more than 51 countries worldwide. By leveraging Cleveron’s solutions, companies can reduce last-mile delivery costs, streamline parcel delivery and return operations, and enhance the omnichannel customer experience.