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Team Cleveron

Cleveron Receives Another Significant Recognition Among Attractive Employers

Cleveron was ranked an impressive 7th place among engineering students in a survey of attractive employers.

Cleveron is honoured to remain among the most desirable employers, receiving recognition in a survey of attractive employers. Among 264 companies in the survey, Cleveron was ranked an impressive 7th place among engineering students.

Katrin Koovit, the HR Manager at Cleveron AS, explained that employer attractiveness operates on two distinct levels. “On an internal level, companies aim to retain current employees in the long term to maintain the experience they have gained. This is achieved primarily through a strong emotional connection and good working conditions,” Koovit explained. “Externally, the goal is to attract potential future colleagues from the labour market. A unified external image and publicly known framework, such as company benefits, are important here. To truly achieve high attractiveness as an employer and have satisfied employees in the long run, and to fill vacant positions as quickly and successfully as possible, both levels must be served.”

The HR Manager further emphasized that developing an employer brand is a unique process of the company’s culture, personality, and history. However, she noted that it is clear to all companies that positioning oneself as an attractive employer brings clear economic benefits. “This results from increased employee loyalty and faster job placements,” commented Koovit.

According to Mait Palts, Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is important to systematically shape a work environment that ensures employee satisfaction and the desire to recommend one’s employer to others. “An attractive employer realizes that employees and team cohesion are the organization’s greatest asset. By recognizing attractive employers, we acknowledge the employer’s commitment and contribution, not limited to economic benefits, but also encompasses interpersonal relationships and societal impact. Therefore, it can also be said that recognized companies and organizations are not only attractive but also managed excellently,” said Palts.

The employer branding agency Instar conducted the nationwide employee expectations and employer reputation survey for the 14th time from March to May, with nearly 6,000 participants. Highly esteemed attractive employers were recognized at the Attractive Employers Day organized by Instar and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Photo: Andrei Ozdoba, Instar