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Cleveron’s new grocery locker holds both groceries and parcels

15.03.2022 | Cleveron, Cleveron 503

Parcel locker innovator Cleveron launches a modular grocery locker that can be used for grocery and regular parcel pickup. The Cleveron 503, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, enables retailers to make their grocery pickup faster, offer convenience while saving on delivery costs and increase their physical footprint without building new stores. The locker is the latest addition to the Estonian tech company’s extensive product portfolio, which already has a robotic grocery pickup solution.

The number of online grocery orders has rapidly increased over the past few years. In 2019, Cleveron launched its famous robotic grocery solution to handle high volumes of online grocery orders. Today, the last mile innovator announced it had developed a solution also suitable for smaller grocers. Arti Kütt, COO at Cleveron, says that modularity and compactness are the key aspects of the new solution: “Cleveron 503 is a compact grocery locker, and its modular system enables retailers to assemble the units from different temperature modules exactly according to their needs. Our customers can go even closer to their customers as the locker’s footprint is small, and retailers can easily place it in densely built spaces such as residential areas or near office buildings.”

Weekly grocery shopping done in 20 minutes
The Cleveron 503 grocery locker simplifies grocery handover and saves time. On average, one family spends nearly an hour every week buying weekly groceries. Placing an order online and picking it up from a grocery locker on their way home takes 20 minutes altogether. The process is easy – the customer places an order online, chooses a pickup time, receives the pickup code on their phone and takes the grocery bags out of the locker in less than a minute. There is no need to take an extra trip to a supermarket.

“I see that in the future, grocery lockers are located everywhere in residential areas’ – people can conveniently collect their food orders on their way home,” says Kütt. An outdoor solution is accessible 24/7, offering much-needed flexibility. Fast and easy grocery pickup guarantees an enjoyable user experience, resulting in returning customers. In-store locker is a self-service pickup point, which frees up store associates’ time and allows them to handle more valuable tasks.

The locker that holds both groceries and regular parcels
Cleveron 503 keeps groceries fresh by having three different temperature-controlled modules – freezer, chilled and controlled-ambient. Grocers can combine the units with the main module according to their business needs, and as order volumes grow, retailers can add extra units. The customers receive all their goods with one pickup, whether it is ice cream, vegetables or household goods. Even though Cleveron 503 is developed for grocers, the controlled-ambient module is suitable to store regular parcels that aren’t groceries or frozen foods.

A step towards the greener last mile
The combination of two freezers and three chilled and controlled-ambient units can hold an average of 24 families’ weekly groceries. “If Cleveron 503 is located on the way home for a customer and an average drive to a supermarket and back is about 10 kilometers, then the yearly saving of CO2 is 67 kg. And this is for one family only. Also, the couriers don’t have to drive to each person individually; extra CO2 saving comes from there as well,” says Tanel Aruoja, Team X Manager at Cleveron, who led the Cleveron 503 development project. “The charm of Cleveron 503 is that its footprint is small – it helps to broaden companies’ visibility and to locations where the brand doesn’t have a store yet. The locker doesn’t have to be next to the supermarket; it can be placed anywhere where there is required space and electricity capability,” says Aruoja.

Estonian technology company Cleveron is the leading provider of automated pickup solutions, known for its reliability, quality and comprehensive product portfolio. Cleveron has provided parcel automation technology for the world’s largest retailers, grocers and logistics companies for over 14 years. The company has machines in 37 countries and has over 40 customers worldwide, including Inditex/Zara, Asda, XXL, Falabella, and DHL.

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