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A parcel machine is a necessity for Wihuri Agri during the peak agricultural season

18.10.2021 | Cleveron, Cleveron 351, Wihuri Agri
How does innovation start? The initiation may be the problem that is addressed. Solving this problem sometimes requires creating a new product or service. Wihuri Agri is the official representative of John Deere agricultural, golf and garden equipment in Estonia – they sell equipment and spare parts. A few years ago, the company was looking for a solution to deliver goods to customers after a workday without employees working overtime. They contacted Cleveron to find a fix.

If there is a bottleneck, there must be a solution. If the required product is not available, it must be created.
Wihuri Agri is a good example of an innovative company that turned to Cleveron with concern – they wanted to improve their customer experience. They saw a solution in a parcel machine, which was still under development at that time. The problem was quite common, which arises when offering the last mile service – how to deliver goods to the customer as efficiently as possible, with a short delivery time and convenient time to them, while creating a comfortable customer experience. “Since we often need to leave customers the goods they will come and pick up later, for example, after a working day, there was a need to solve this problem. We approached Cleveron with a request to purchase a parcel machine while the product was still under development. In about a year, we got the locker we wanted,” said Antti Kelner, head of the aftermarket at Wihuri Agri. Today, Wihuri Agri has the company’s parcel lockers in three different locations in Estonia. “Whether it is an urgent spare part order or a product ordered from the e-shop, thanks to the parcel machine we no longer have to wait for the customer to arrive, but we can conveniently place the goods in the locker in front of the warehouse. In this way, we save precious time for ourselves and the client,” said Kelner.

A parcel machine is a necessary tool during the peak agricultural season
In almost a year and a half, Wihuri Agri has found several solutions to save valuable time for both itself and its customers. How is it possible to hand over agricultural machinery at night without people-to-people contact? It is easy. The company’s outdoor machine can be used as a key cabinet. “It is not uncommon for us that the machines will be returned or collected outside working hours or even at night. It is very convenient to use the parcel machine as a locked key cabinet, where you can both insert and take out keys,” Kelner shared Wihuri Agri’s experience. Therefore, the locker is also convenient for handing over and returning rental goods. “Parcel machines are often used when a customer wants to bring or return something to us. They no longer have to do this during the opening hours of our centres. We send the code of the locker to the customer, and they can conveniently return it.” The locker also helped to reduce people-to-people contacts during periods of elevated coronavirus transmission.

Time is the greatest asset of us all
Wihuri Agri wanted more meaningful use of time for both its employees and customers, and they are encouraging their customers to use more and more parcel machines at the centres. “A lot of customers have discovered this opportunity for themselves and made their lives much easier. The same applies to employees – employees’ overtime that arose from waiting for a customer has decreased. Now we can plan our work much more flexibly – and everyone likes it,” Kelner shared his experience of how the parcel machine has helped to save time. Wihuri Agri uses its parcel lockers the most during the peak agricultural season, from April to September. Currently, in the fall, parcel machines are daily auxiliaries.

“We are satisfied with the product, and we believe that this investment will help us save enough of the most valuable resource – TIME. Parcel machines are essential to our flexible and high-level customer service, offering convenience and innovative and secure trade.”
- Antti Kelner, head of the aftermarket at Wihuri Agri.

Cleveron 351 is a compact outdoor parcel locker specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Just as the e-shop is open 24/7, an outdoor machine is always available – the customer receives the goods without human contact at a convenient time, and no transport costs are added to the order. Cleveron 351 is easy to install and deploy; one person can do this. The locker arrives as a fully assembled unit, and it includes the necessary software, which makes deployment even quicker. The software doesn’t require expensive and lengthy integrations. After a couple of simple steps, the APM is ready to use. It is possible to purchase Cleveron 351 parcel machines individually, and as the parcel volumes grow, it is possible to add extra modules to the main module. The parcel locker helps create a comfortable and customer-friendly user experience and allows one step ahead of the competition.

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