Cleveron 701

Cleveron Mobility presents: the future of autonomous delivery

Cleveron 701
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Cleveron 701 is the first driverless autonomous delivery vehicle in Europe with a pilot license to operate on public streets across the country

A multi-purpose unmanned delivery solution that can be adapted to deliver anything. Successful real traffic tests have been conducted on the streets of Viljandi, Estonia, for over fifteen months.


What it's all about

  • Driverless – supervised remotely by a teleoperator
  • Multi-purpose delivery platform – suitable modifications can be added for serving different delivery needs. It can be a grocery delivery robot, a parcel delivery vehicle or even a high-tech ice cream truck
  • Reduces last-mile labor cost – one teleoperator will be able to supervise up to 10 vehicles
  • For same-hour delivery – provides fast delivery from micro-fulfilment centres or dark stores within 15–30 min drive radius
  • A lightweight, electric vehicle with an option to use different battery solutions
  • Max speed is 25 km/h
  • Load capacity will be around 200 kg

World's first driving exams with a teleoperated vehicle

Cleveron partnered with LRK Driving School to conduct the world's first driving exams with an unmanned autonomous car. The exams were carried out with Cleveron's last-mile delivery vehicle Cleveron 701. All four Cleveron specialists passed the exam and received the world's first teleoperated vehicle certificates.

Last Mile Delivery Innovation Award 2019

Cleveron’s self-driving robot courier won the prestigious Last Mile Delivery Innovation (The Journey) category in the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2019 at Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam. This award recognizes companies who are leading the way in improving last mile delivery.

The first prototype was presented in 2018 

The self-driving robot courier concept was presented on November 30th 2018 at the Robotex International conference Generation R in Tallinn, Estonia. The self-driving robot courier was meant to automate the last mile. This helps to manage growing e-commerce parcel volumes and make last-mile delivery more convenient for end-users.

Watch the concept video


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