Software Engineer - C++ (mid or senior level)

Cleveron Mobility is creating the future of autonomous parcel delivery. Our robot couriers are designed as a multi-purpose platform that can be adapted to deliver anything. From being named the last-mile delivery innovation of the year to being the first company in Europe to get a license to operate unmanned vehicles on public roads – the team has been crossing milestones at a record pace since the beginning.

Our C++ Software Engineers experience the thrill of creating the future up close and personal. You can invest your skills and know-how into our autonomous vehicles and their control systems, implement higher-level algorithm concepts into optimal and production-value C++ code, or develop client-server applications for fleet management. We offer a plethora of challenges best suited for you.

The essentials:
  • Experience with C++ programming
  • OR experience in some other programming language combined with the willingness to dive deep into modern C++
  • Confidence in using Version Control Systems
  • Verbal and written English proficiency
  • Critical thinking and a proactive mindset
Bonus points for:
  • Feeling comfortable with Linux CLI
  • Familiarity with CMake build tool
  • Knowledge of LLVM toolset
  • Experience with:
- C++20 features
- concurrent programming
- real-time and safety-critical systems 
- databases

Our offices are located in Viljandi, Tallinn and Tartu
We have a new office in Tartu and offer transportation three times a week from Tartu to Viljandi and back.

*If you want to join the team, we advise you to submit your application as soon as possible. Cleveron reserves the right to close open job positions as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

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